2 Chainz: Based on a TRU Story 2LP


Ships on: July 22, 2024

In celebration of hip-hop’s 50th anniversary, the iconic Def Jam Recordings brings us some of its classic repertoire on vinyl in a spectacular “fruit punch” variant – a color emblematic of its longstanding association with Def Jam. Some titles include Public Enemy’s Yo! Bum Rush the Show, Ludacris’ Word of Mouf, Method Man’s Tical, and Slick Rick’s The Great Adventures of Slick Rick. Get your copy today!


LP 1
Side A
  1. Yuck! Feat. Lil Wayne
  2. Crack
  3. Dope Peddler
  4. No Lie Feat. Drake
Side B
  1. Birthday Song feat. Kanye West
  2. I'm Different
  3. Extremely Blessed Feat. The-Dream
LP 2
Side C
  1. I Luv Dem Strippers Feat. Nicki Minaj
  2. Stop Me Now Feat. Dolla Boy
  3. Money Machine
Side D
  1. In Town Feat. Mike Posner
  2. Ghetto Dreams Feat. Scarface & John Legend
  3. Wut We Doin? Feat. Cap 1

Please note that each vinyl is unique and the colors may appear slightly different from the image displayed.

Limited to 4 per customer.

Line drawing of turntable stylus, tone arm and counter weight.